Building Relationships with Legislators

Competing priorities. Budget constraints. Lack of understanding of an industry. These are all barriers that legislators face when dealing with the issues on their desks. When it comes to positively influencing policy, it helps if you are intentional to connect with your local and state elected leaders before problems arise.

Michael Fairman, President of Glynn Iron & Metal, knows the importance of having personal relationships with your elected officials to gain their support. “Often, when you find yourself in need of help, time is of the essence,” he says.

Fairman recalls numerous opportunities where building trust with elected officials allowed him a seat at the table to help navigate potential problems. “Getting to know my elected officials has allowed me to become part of the law-making process and help find a solution that is not detrimental to my business,” he says. “Without our involvement, our officials only hear one side of the story, which can lead to costly, burdensome, and ineffective laws.”

Fairman has invited legislators to tour his facility in Glynn County for years. He says the opportunity for education is tremendous. “By the time they leave my facility, they have a full understanding of how my business operates and they are engaged in coming up solutions to get the job done,” he says.

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