The Georgia Recyclers Association works closely with Members of the General Assembly, Governor’s office, state agencies, law enforcement, key stakeholders such as the power and telecom companies, chambers of commerce and others to advocate for GRA’s issues and serve as the voice of the industry at the State Capitol. We represent the interests of all recyclers – large or small – to ensure the viability of our industry in Georgia.

The GRA is represented by Brian Hudson, founder and Managing Principal of The Hudson Group, LLC. When he formed his practice in 2005, his goal was to build a first class bi-partisan consulting firm that is equal strength in politics, policy, relationships, access, advocacy and passion for his clients.  Over the years, that vision has elevated The Hudson Group to one of the top lobbying firms in Georgia.

Brian has worked in and around state government relations and politics for more than 20 years and is recognized among policy makers and colleagues as a trustworthy, knowledgeable and hardworking advocate for his clients. He is consistently recognized as one of the top lobbyists and power player at the Capitol by several major publications in Georgia.