The Georgia Recyclers Association works hard every day during the 40 day legislative session and throughout the year to protect the recycling industry that has a $2.46 Billion annual economic impact in Georgia. Every biennial there are thousands of bills introduced in the Georgia House and Senate and hundreds of rules adopted by the state agencies.  The GRA team monitors those bills and agency rules to make sure that recyclers are protected from burdensome regulations, higher taxes, etc.   We work closely with Members of the General Assembly, Governor’s office, state agencies,  law enforcement, key stakeholders such as the power and telecom companies, chambers of commerce and others to advocate for GRA’s issues and serve as the voice of the industry at the State Capitol.

Protecting our industry from bad legislation and regulation is a permanent task – even in years that are quiet. It is important to note – the fact that it is “quiet” means that our voice is being heard and that our hard work is paying off. Your support is key to the continued success of the GRA.