About Us

The Georgia Recyclers Association (GRA) is the leading organization for Georgia’s recycling industry.  The GRA represents the full spectrum of the recycling industry, including Georgia’s metal, paper, plastic, glass, electronics, rubber and textile recyclers. The industry is dedicated to transforming end-of-life products to create new materials that boost local, state, and national economies.

The recycling industry maintains a major presence in Georgia with an economic impact of $3.17 billion and jobs for 14,445 Georgians. The Georgia recycling industry is also a large exporter of goods through the Georgia ports at Savannah and Brunswick.

The value of scrap metal sold in Georgia is created through the capital and job intensive processing operations of the American metal recycling industry that transforms old obsolete materials into commodities that meet the needs of manufacturers worldwide. This not only benefits workers, but also the government. All told, the industry generates over $266 million in tax revenues for Georgia (source: Georgia Talking Point.pdf by Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, 2022).

GRA Services

  • Education
  • Networking opportunities with other professionals in the recycling industry
  • Advocacy
  • Government Affairs representation before the Georgia General Assembly, Executive Branch and Law Enforcement

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